We would like to take this opportunity to offer our guaranteed service of providing your company with qualified,
experienced, and competent Workers who will surely be an asset and add profitability in your organisation.
We therefore appreciate your effort to fill the form below as we now consider you as our new partner.

LENAM Recruitment does more than merely match candidates to job openings.
We work closely with our clients from the Project planning stage to determine
the exact Disciplines, qualifications, skills and volumes required.
And develop the recruitment process further by working with the ordered candidates
and clients, to solve your staffing requirements.
Through LENAM, employers can access a complementary range of innovative products
and services designed to make your staffing program less of a reactive measure
and more a proactive tool.
Our success is due to our flexibility in finding the ideal solution for each customer.

Temporary Staffing
Through its temporary staffing service LENAM enables companies to respond
in a flexible manner to personnel requirements due to business fluctuations.

Permanent Staffing
After a satisfactory trial period, a company has the opportunity
to add a temporary worker to its permanent staff.

LENAM will recruit personnel to work
for a certain period of time on a project.

Recruitment & Selection
We will select the right candidate for a vacancy based upon an interview,
resume and tested skills, saving the customer costly time and effort.

To increase productivity and quality,
LENAM offers the facility to train and develop your temporary workforce.

Vendor-on-premises service
This service entails on-site management of the contingent workforce by a LENAM consultant.
This consultant will be integrated into the customer's organisation.

Pay rolling
Administrative work related to the flexible workforce can be outsourced to LENAM.

International Contracts
This service enables multinational companies to form a contractual relationship with LENAM
to supply all the flexible workforce requirements it has Europe wide.
The availability of these services depends on the legal and cultural environment of each specific country.

Finding the right person for a job is often a complex and time consuming challenge.
LENAM is here to make the process easier for you - and ultimately more successful.
We invest time and energy in getting to know your organisation and its requirements.
What's more, we don't just list people for work - we work with them to ensure their skills are up to speed.
We also offer all the training, advice and support they may require.
That's why our jobseekers are more work wise and job ready than most.
Whether you are a business or an individual seeking employment or recruitment expertise,
we invite you to experience the LENAM Recruitment difference - Fresh, Open & Honest Communication.

Recruitment is a highly personal business so we make it our business, to know your business!

LENAM Recruitment is committed to offering a high quality of service to our clients.
We build strong client relationships and gain knowledge of their culture and strategy
ensuring our candidate selection process matches both the practical ability and work ethic.
This method has been the building blocks of our success.

As an independent agency we are able to tailor our services to meet the individual
requirements of our clients that match both their budget and job specification.
The following are just a few examples:
· Competitive pricing structure
· Ad response handling
· CV screening
· Temp to Perm recruitment
· Management information

Our driving and industrial sector recruit for various temporary
and permanent positions, we have listed but a few:
· Drivers (HGV & Non LGV)
· Industrial
· Warehouse Operatives
· Fork Lift Drivers
· General Labourers
· Managerial

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